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How Mastery Training Works

  1. Click on a lesson

    First, click on the lesson you want to take. Each lesson is designed to take seven to ten minutes of employee time. All lessons can be taken in one session or the training can be easily broken up into multiple sessions. Mastery's exclusive Follow-up Review feature will ensure a maximum learning experience if the course is taken over several sessions.

  2. Take pre-test (Optional)

    If this is the worker's first time taking this lesson, the system will ask if (s)he would like to take the pre-test to see how much of the material they already know. As an administrator, you can make the pre-test mandatory or optional to the learner. You can also leave it turned totally off so that it isn't available to the learner.

  3. Watch full-screen video

    Next, the worker views full-screen, full-motion video. The video is smooth and broadcast quality. It's just like watching TV. It's not jerky or choppy like other digital video you may have seen. And it fills the screen—not just part of it. Powerful learner controls are always available allowing the worker to repeat material, jump forward, access the glossary of terms, or use the topical index.

  4. Participate

    During the lesson, the worker participates in interest-arousing interactions, practice activities and even emergency simulations. Workers may be looking up information on MSDSs, analyzing a worker performing a lockout procedure, evaluating the stability of a forklift load or practicing many other scenario-based activities.

  5. Answer questions

    After the lesson, the system will ask your workers questions. Each question is fully narrated to help your workers who might have poor reading or comprehension skills. Some workers may ask for questions to be repeated. Others may skip the completion of a narration as soon as they're ready to answer the question. All reading and comprehension levels are addressed by the system.

  6. Get instant video review

    The system will automatically give your workers a video review on the questions they miss and keep reviewing until they master each question. It doesn't just tell the worker they answered correctly or incorrectly, the system goes back and replays or further explains the material until the worker understands. This process combined with our exclusive Quiz Reviews and Follow-up Reviews is at the heart of our exclusive 600% Guarantee.

Powerful Learner Controls

Easy to use "VCR" learner controls

It's easy to control a Mastery course. Workers immediately know how to navigate through the course and make the pace of the presentation exactly match their needs because Mastery's learner controls are similar to operating a VCR or CD player. Workers can instantly back up, pause, and skip ahead by pressing the buttons on the panel.

Press this button to get a replay from the beginning of the topic.
Press this button to "Reverse Play".
Options (Pause)
Choose "Options" to pause, access help, glossary, index, or quit.
Press this button to "Fast Forward".
Press this button to skip to the next topic.

Click on "Options" for complete course control

When your workers click on "Options", the video will freeze and display an access menu to these powerful course features:

Access help, anywhere, anytime within a course. Help screens provide a user reference to course control features.
Workers can quit anywhere, anytime. Credit is given only for fully completed lessons.
Gives workers an instant replay from the beginning of the lesson.
Skip Lesson
Takes workers immediately to the quiz so they can "test out" of the lesson.
Video Topics Index
Brings up a list of all the topics in the course. Select a topic and the system will play all video clips related to that topic.
Glossary of Terms
At any point in the training workers can interrupt the presentation and look up a term. For most courses the system will pronounce the term and narrate its definition.
Zoom Control
zoom control Set the movie display size for your personal preference.
Volume Control
volume control Control the sound level at all times.

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