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Microlearning Courses

These microlearning courses feature short videos providing practical, actionable and engaging best practices for employees. Most popular uses for microlearning courses like these include standalone training, blended learning, self-directed learning, learning reinforcement, and on-demand learning.

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Title Product ID Single Play
Retail Price
10 Customer Wants In Addition To Lowest Price mtdlseg1_vod Buy $4.95
10 Quick Tips On How Sales People Can Improve Their Listening Skills mtdlsesi1_vod Buy $4.95
3 Powerful Tips For Setting Appointments On The Telephone mtdlseca10_vod Buy $4.95
3 Steps To Feeling Less Stressed In 1 Minute lpln3stf_m_vod Buy $3.95
3 Useful Hints For Leaving Your Prospect A Voicemail mtdlseca13_vod Buy $4.95
3 Ways On Gaining More Info Without Asking A Single Question mtdlsepm17_vod Buy $4.95
4 Quick Tips On Gaining More Referrals Than You Can Handle mtdlseca11_vod Buy $4.95
4 Steps For Resilience In 1 Minute lpln4sfr_m_vod Buy $3.95
4 Team Stages In 1 Minute lpln4tst_m_vod Buy $3.95
5 Prospecting Mistakes to Avoid mtdlseca12_vod Buy $4.95
5 Stages For A Successful Negotiation mtdlsens1_vod Buy $4.95
6 Phrases You Must Avoid When Speaking With The Decision Maker mtdlseca5_vod Buy $4.95
7 Steps To Build And Maintain Connections With Your Clients mtdlsesi20_vod Buy $4.95
7 Ways To Make Your Sales Meeting Buzz mtdlsesi21_vod Buy $4.95
A Positive Response To Customers In 1 Minute lplnprtc_m_vod Buy $3.95
Abusive Customers In 1 Minute lplnabcu_m_vod Buy $3.95
Accepting Praise In 1 Minute lplnacpr_m_vod Buy $3.95
Acknowledge Customer Contact In 1 Minute lplnacci_m_vod Buy $3.95
Active Listening In 1 Minute lplnalis_m_vod Buy $3.95
Adding Value In 1 Minute lplnaval_m_vod Buy $3.95
Agile Scrums In 1 Minute lplnagsc_m_vod Buy $3.95
Agile Sprints In 1 Minute lplnaspr_m_vod Buy $3.95
AI: Evaluate AI Tools In The Workplace tlrnaeat_m_vod Buy $5.95
AI: Four Tips for Great ChatGPT Results tlrnaftg_m_vod Buy $5.95
AI: Next Level ChatGPT Prompts tlrnanlc_m_vod Buy $5.95
AI: Use ChatGPT To Support Your Work tlrnucts_m_vod Buy $5.95
AI: Use GoblinTools To Plan Tasks tlrnaugt_m_vod Buy $5.95
AI: When Should I Use ChatGPT? tlrnawsi_m_vod Buy $5.95
Amygdala Hijack In 1 Minute lplnahij_m_vod Buy $3.95
Apologizing For Delays In 1 Minute lplnadel_m_vod Buy $3.95
Appreciation In The Workplace In 1 Minute lplnapwo_m_vod Buy $3.95
Asking For The Business In 1 Minute lplnafbi_m_vod Buy $3.95
Assertive Behavior In 1 Minute lplnabeh_m_vod Buy $3.95
Avoiding Escalations In 1 Minute lplnaesc_m_vod Buy $3.95
Baby Boomers In 1 Minute lplnbabo_m_vod Buy $3.95
Bad News, Good News In 1 Minute lplnbngn_m_vod Buy $3.95
Behind Kind ttprbkin_vod Buy $11.95
Being A Great Meeting Participant In 1 Minute lplnbgmp_m_vod Buy $3.95
Being Assertive In 1 Minute lplnbass_m_vod Buy $3.95
Being Likable Through Empathy In 1 Minute lplnblte_m_vod Buy $3.95
Being Polite In 1 Minute lplnbpol_m_vod Buy $3.95
Being Present In 1 Minute lplnbpre_m_vod Buy $3.95
Being Resilient In 1 Minute lplnbres_m_vod Buy $3.95
Better Business Behavior: Be Careful What You Watch At Work! tjhcbbbe_m04_vod Buy $4.95
Better Business Behavior: How (And When) To Take Time Off tjhcbbbe_m05_vod Buy $4.95
Better Business Behavior: How To Take Initiative tjhcbbbe_m03_vod Buy $4.95
Better Business Behavior: The Importance Of Punctuality tjhcbbbe_m01_vod Buy $4.95
Better Business Behavior: Time Management tjhcbbbe_m02_vod Buy $4.95
Better Decision Making In 1 Minute lplnbdma_m_vod Buy $3.95
Boosting Confidence In 1 Minute lplnbcon_m_vod Buy $3.95
Building Better Routines In 1 Minute lplnbbro_m_vod Buy $3.95
Building Rapport In 1 Minute lplnbrap_m_vod Buy $3.95
Business Cases And ROI In 1 Minute lplnbuca_m_vod Buy $3.95
Call Evaluations In 1 Minute lplnceva_m_vod Buy $3.95
Calming Anxiety In The Moment In 1 Minute lplncaim_m_vod Buy $3.95
Calming Upset Customers (Sorry, Glad, Sure) In 1 Minute lplncucs_m_vod Buy $3.95
Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month At Work tlrncahm_m_vod Buy $4.95
Celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month At Work tlrnclpm_m_vod Buy $4.95
Changing People's Behavior In 1 Minute lplncpbe_m_vod Buy $3.95
Changing Your Sales Mindset & Approach Part 1 mtdlsepm7_vod Buy $4.95
Changing Your Sales Mindset & Approach Part 2 mtdlsepm8_vod Buy $4.95
Choose Your Attitude In 1 Minute lplncyat_m_vod Buy $3.95
Closing - How To Move The Sale Forward mtdlsesi19_vod Buy $4.95
Coaching The Individual In 1 Minute lplncoin_m_vod Buy $3.95
Cognitive Load In 1 Minute lplncloa_m_vod Buy $3.95
Cold Calling - How to Open Your Call mtdlseca2_vod Buy $4.95
Cold Calling: On Your Way To The Telephone mtdlseca7_vod Buy $4.95
Collaboration In 1 Minute lplncoll_m_vod Buy $3.95
Collecting Debt In 1 Minute lplncode_m_vod Buy $3.95
Common Reasons Why Sales People Fail mtdlsepm18_vod Buy $4.95
Communication Skills - Active Listening vviscsal_vod Buy $4.95
Communication Skills - Making Yourself Clear vviscsmy_vod Buy $4.95
Conference Call - Avoiding Distractions vvisccad_vod Buy $4.95
Conference Call - Dealing With Isolation vvisccdw_vod Buy $4.95
Conference Call - How To Coordinate vvisccht_vod Buy $4.95
Conference Call - Missed Body Language vvisccmb_vod Buy $4.95
Conference Call - The Importance Of Announcing vvisccia_vod Buy $4.95
Conference Call – Minimize Misunderstandings vvisccmm_vod Buy $4.95
Conflict De-Escalation Techniques: Active Listening tjhccdta_vod Buy $4.95
Conflict De-Escalation Techniques: Communicating Face Covering Policies With Customers tjhccdtcc_vod Buy $4.95
Conflict De-Escalation Techniques: Communicating Face Covering Policies With Employees And Coworkers tjhccdtce_vod Buy $4.95
Conflict De-Escalation Techniques: Developing a Solution Mindset tjhccdtd_vod Buy $4.95
Conflict De-Escalation Techniques: Preparing Your Workplace For A Face Covering Mandate tjhccdtpw_vod Buy $4.95
Conflict De-Escalation Techniques: Recognizing and Removing Biases tjhccdtr_vod Buy $4.95
Consultative Selling PULSE Model - Evolve mtdlses7_vod Buy $4.95
Consultative Selling PULSE Model - Leverage mtdlses5_vod Buy $4.95
Consultative Selling PULSE Model - Position mtdlses3_vod Buy $4.95
Consultative Selling PULSE Model - Solution mtdlses6_vod Buy $4.95
Consultative Selling PULSE Model - Understand mtdlses4_vod Buy $4.95
Consultative Selling Reminders mtdlses8_vod Buy $4.95
Consultative Selling Skills - The PULSE Model mtdlses2_vod Buy $4.95
Consultative Selling Skills - Why Use This Approach? mtdlses1_vod Buy $4.95
Coping Under Fire On The Front Line In 1 Minute lplncuff_m_vod Buy $3.95
Courageous Conversations In 1 Minute lplnccon_m_vod Buy $3.95
COVID-19: How To Greet Each Other In The New World tquechtg_vod Buy $4.95
COVID-19: How To Properly Don And Doff Your PPE Mask tquechtp_vod Buy $4.95
COVID-19: Precautions tquecpre_vod Buy $4.95
COVID-19: Proper Handwashing Procedure tquecphp_vod Buy $4.95
Creating A Sense of Urgency In The Sale mtdlsesi22_vod Buy $4.95
Critical Thinking In 1 Minute lplncrth_m_vod Buy $3.95

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